With the Bel-Ami

adopt the style of casual elegance!

The story

With the BEL-AMI, URBAN COLOR® revisits the scarf for both men and women.

This new concept allows everyone to reinvent their own styles be it chic or casual, while respecting any dress codes.

The BEL-AMI is an essential accessory, easy to wear, comfortable in any accasion in everyday life, at work, for the evening, or to particpate in sports ...

URBAN COLOR® is part of a quality approach, both in the choice of materials and in manufacturing. All products are marketed on the E-commerce website URBAN COLOR and in shops in France.

Original, stylish, comfortable and convenient

The BEL-AMI differs by its snaps that allow, according to the desires of each, it to be presented in different ways. With two fabrics that compose it, everyone can choose to show more or less of one or the other color and so affirm his own style.

The shape of the BEL-AMI combined with the quality of the fabrics offers a beautiful, harmonious and chic look to your presentation. Respectful of dress codes, URBAN COLOR®, with BEL-AMI, revisits French chic that allows everyone to create their own styles

The fabrics are selected for their softness and comfort. Two models exist, one in cotton which is light weight and can be worn any time of year and the second, made from wool and cashmere, to face the cold of the winter. The BEL-AMI avoids any extra thickness so parkas and jackets can be closed very easily.

By design, the BEL-AMI enhances safety compared to a classic scarf. Indeed, with the ends being secured, there is no risk of being blinded or caught. The BEL-AMI is particularly suitable when using bike, motorcycle, convertible car or when taking part in many sports such as riding, skiing, sailing, golf etc. The BEL-AMI is always chic and relaxing to wear for any accasion.

A quality product

URBAN COLOR® puts quality at the heart of its design and manufacturing process.

The fabrics come exclusively from European spinning mills, mainly from Italy. Indeed, the quality of Italian cottons and wools guarantees softness and comfort to our products.

In order to be in line with its own values, URBAN COLOR® chose a French manufacture located in the Indre department of France. This family business for generations, with an undeniable expertise, guarantees work and quality finishes.

The BEL-AMI Original is identified by its engraved snaps with the effigy of the brand.